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InfiniteInfo is a FREE flight tracker for Infinite Flight, one of the most popular flight simulators for mobile devices. We provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use flight tracking experience for Infinite Flight pilots.

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What's Included?

We offer many free features to all users of InfiniteInfo. These are some of the highlight features.

Globe Map

We use Mapbox Maps to provide the best user experience whilst exploring the virtual skies.

Airport Taxiways and Layouts

Airports have styling which allows users to see taxiways, runways, and layouts.

Aircraft Searching

Search the server for aircraft flying by their username or aircraft type.

All Airports' Status

We show any airport with at least one inbound on the map, as well as any ATC positions!

User Statistics

Want to know how many flight hours you have or another user has? Try using our statistics search!

FPL and Track Lines

View the path a plane has taken during its flight and view its flight plan.

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On top of the free features, we offer seven more features which enhance the experience of InfiniteInfo to the fullest!

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